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2021 Digital Dance Showcase: Narratives/Visibilities by Chicago Dancemakers Forum

Three Chicago Artists Premiere Digital Dance Works

Thursday, August 12th at 6 p.m. CT

Mini film festival, “Narratives/Visibilities” will showcase new works by Ashwaty Chennat in collaboration with Abhijeet Rane; Zachary Nicol; and Yoshinojo Fujima aka Rika Lin in collaboration with Subhash Maskara, Hekiun Oda, Matsuya Nozawa, and Toyoaki Sanjuro.

Yoshinojo Fujiima aka Rika Lin and Collaborators

With “Kurokami E{m}URge #ChooseYourReality,” Yoshinojo Fujiima aka Rika Lin (2017 Lab Artist). Subhash Maskara (Mumbai), Hekiun Oda (Kobe/Chicago), Matsuya Nozawa (Kyoto), and Toyoaki Sanjuro (Tokyo/Chicago) explore interactive dance film based in virtual reality that will embed the audience members into the work. Pushing away from expected norms and expectations, this project experiments with Japanese classical dance and the new boundaries that a virtual world creates.

Link for free tickets.