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Bridge Dance Festival 2022

The Bridge Dance Festival began in 2018 as the culmination of four years of Japanese-focused programming at Links Hall, including the National Performance Network Asian Exchange, Beyond the Box, and Links to Japan. In 2019, partnered producers Links Hall and Asian Improv aRts Midwest, and  curator Yoshinojo Fujima (Rika Lin), continues to adhere to the… Read More »Bridge Dance Festival 2022

Event Archive – Shubukai at the”Dance the Walk 2022″

Saturday, September 10th at Columbus Plaza just East of the Columbus Street Bridge 12PM – Workshop Japanese Festival Dance with Yoshinojo Fujima aka Rika Lin open to all ages and abilities 1PM – Performances Featuring: Shubukai and Tsukasa Taiko Yoshinojo Fujima aka Rika Lin Murda Mommy The Sampson Brothers All events will include ASL interpretation.

Revitalizing Tradition XV  ”Sukeroku”「助六」April 14, 2022

An event organized as part of the NIU World Music Festival (April 11 – April 16), School of Music; Shubukai “Revitalizing Tradition XV,” Asian American Certificate Program, co-funded by the Art History Division Elizabeth Allen Lecture Series, School of Art and Design, College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Asian American Resource Center, Office of… Read More »Revitalizing Tradition XV  ”Sukeroku”「助六」April 14, 2022

Trans-figure-ation 2021 Nov. 14

Fujima Shunojo’s experimental Japanese Classical Dance with collaborators Toyoaki Sanjuro and Fujima Yoshinojo; Live Music Performance with panel reaction” presented by DCASE and supported in part by AIRMW