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yoshinojo in green kimono dancing in the dark

Curriculum Vitae

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2022-2023 Links Hall Co-Mission Fellowship Artist
2021-2024 High Concept Labs Artistic Advisory Council Member, Board Member
2021-2023 High Concept Labs Artistic Advisory Council Member, Board Representative
2023 3Arts Award in Dance (Reva and David Logan Foundation Award)
2023 Illinois Arts Council Ethnic Folk Arts Master Apprentice Grant, etc (as Master)
2021 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Production Residency
2021 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Digital Dance Grant
2021 Japanese Arts Foundation Resident Artist
2020 High Concept Labs Fellow 2020~2021
2019 Djerassi Resident Artists Program, awarded John D. and Susan P. Diekman Fellowship
2019 Ragdale Residency
2018 High Concept Labs Spring Sponsored Artist
2017 Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist
3Arts Make a Wave Awardee
Cliffdwellers Arts Foundation Grant
2016 Grandmaster certification (US Performance 10.16.16) Tokyo, Japan
2008, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2020, 2021 Illinois Arts Council Ethnic Folk Arts Master Apprentice Grant, etc 2022 (as apprentice)
2006 Natori (Attainment of Certified professional stage name): Fujima Yoshinojo


(dance unless indicated) (in Chicago, IL unless indicated) (more available upon request)


Jan 27 Revitalizing Tradition XVI , Inaugural Stage Performance, Chicago, IL


Jan 24-28 Cultural WS/Performance, Randolph-Macolm College, Ashland, Virginia
April 22 Hanami Festival, Garden of the Phoenix, Jackson Park
April 26 Kurokami E{m}Urge VR experience, Links Hall
May 5 Inaugural APIDA Festival, Chicago Cultural Center,
May 7 Choreographers Showcase, Mandala Arts, Synapse Theater
Jun 16-17 Beyond the Box V: I{m}Perceptions, Links Hall CoMission Fellow


April 14 Revitalizing Tradition XV, dance& lecture, Northern Illinois Univ., Dekalb, IL
May 01 (Inaugural) Hanami Festival, Garden of the Phoenix, Jackson Park
July 02 Wave Wall Moves – Navy Pier
Aug 06 BonFest Chicago, Garden of the Phoenix, Jackson Park
Sept 11 MdW Fair, Kurokami #ChooseYourReality, High Concept Labs
Sept 17 Summer Dance Celebration, Jay Pritzker Pavilion
Sept 18 46th Annual Shubukai Performance, Ruth Page Center for the Arts
Oct. 13 Elevate!Chicago Dance, Kurokami E{m}Urge VR, Chicago Cultural Center
Nov 6, 13 Kurokami #ChooseYourReality VR, High Concept Labs Open Labs
Dec 17 Reduction 8, Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art"

2021 * = Livestream

Mar 27 Tokyo House Party*, Japan Arts Foundation, Chicago IL- Guest speaker
Apr 10 Revitalizing Tradition XIV* Japanese Culture Center, Chicago, IL
May 15,16 Beyond the Box 4.3 “Black Hair E{m}urge”* Links Hall, Chicago, IL
July 31 (Inaugural)BonFest Chicago* Garden of the Phoenix - Chicago, IL

2020 * = Livestream

Jan 16 Tsukasa Taiko in Concert at Metropolis, Chicago, IL
Mar 3 Velvet Moon vol.148 Mushi Hime Matsuri, at UrBANGUILD, Kyoto, Japan
Apr 18 HotHouse Global Livestream Channel Inaugural Event Chicago, IL
May 15 ACEN (Anime Central) Virtual Dance Presentation Chicago, IL
May 30 AIRMW Channel Inaugural Event* Chicago, IL
Jun 28 AIRMW Shubukai Gaiden Vol. 1 * (production/programming) Chicago, IL
July 10 WZRD FM 88.3 “Contemporary Traditions” radio/internet w/Pranita Nayar
July 26 AIRMW Shubukai Gaiden Vol. 2* (production/programming) Chicago, IL
Aug 09 AIRMW Shubukai Gaiden Vol. 3* (production/programming) Chicago, IL
Aug 12 Ragdale Ring Performance, Lake Forest, IL
Aug 24-Sep 4 Performance Response Journal/ Chicago Dancemakers Forum Embedded Writer for Dancemaker Nejla Yatkin – “The Other Witch” Production
Oct 24 AIRMW Shubukai 44th Annual Performance* Chicago, IL
Nov 7 “Kurokami E{m} urge” 25th Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival* Chicago,IL
Dec 20 Taiko Legacy 17 Livestream, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL


Jan. 21,22,23 Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival and Rough House; Immaculate, Poignant, and Medium Length Collaboration w/ Tom Lee & Tatsu Aoki at Links Hall, Chicago, IL
Mar 30 Performance “LinkSircus: Celebrating 40 years” at Links Hall, Chicago,IL
Mar 31 3rd Toyoaki/Shubukai Spring Recital, Elastic Arts (shamisen) Chicago,IL
April 1 Rough House; Nasty, Brutish, and Short: Suji- NBS ver. Links Hall, Chicago,IL
April 6 Panelist for Morrison-Shearer Foundation “Breaking away and Creating Legacy, The Solo Artist”, Chicago, IL
April 27 Matsuri ExhibitPerformance at Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, IN
May 3,4,5 Beyond the Box III: Suji (筋) w/ Tom Lee & Tatsu Aoki, and Tsukasa Taiko
at Links Hall, Chicago , IL
Jun 16 Japan Festival, Chicago Cultural Center (shamisen), Chicago, IL
July 12 Performance “Summer Thoughts” collaboration Calligrapher, Oda Hekiun, Obihiro-Chicago Exchange at Hairpin Arts Center, Chicago, IL
Aug 17 Revitalizing Tradition XIII, High Concept Labs, Chicago, IL
Oct 19 Indigenous Dance Celebration: Inherit Chicago 2019 at Trickster Gallery, Schaumburg, IL
Oct 27 Shubukai 43rd Annual Recital, Ruth Page Art Center (Shamisen) Chicago, IL
Nov 9 Panelist for CrossHatch Symposium ChicagoDanceMakers Forum Chicago, IL
Dec 7 Reduction 7 at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL



2023 Bridge Dance Festival Curator, Links Hall, Chicago, IL
2023 Beyond the Box V: I{m}Perceptions
2023 AwaOdori Workshop (Links Hall, AIRMW Cultural Hub)
2022 Peer Producer from Asian Improv aRts Midwest for Chicago Dance Summit
2021 Bridge Dance Festival Curator, Livestreamed at Links Hall, Chicago, IL
2021 “Beyond the Box 4.3 Black Hair E{m}urge” w/puppet artist Tom Lee & Ryugyoku Nishikawa, livestream at Links Hall Chicago, IL
2020–2024 BonFest Lead Production Coordinator/Workshop Instructor
2020 Bridge Dance Festival Curator, Livestreamed at Links Hall Chicago, IL
2019-Present Bridge Dance Festival Curator, Presented at Links Hall Chicago, IL
2021 Beyond the Box 4.3 with performances by Tom Lee and Ryūgyoku Nishikawa, and Yoshinojo Fujima
2020 Bridge Dance Festival Curator, Livestreamed at Links Hall Chicago, IL
2019 Bridge Dance Festival Curator, Presented at Links Hall Chicago, IL
2019 “Beyond the Box III: Suji”, Collaboration w/Puppet Artist Tom Lee, Tatsu Aoki and music by Tsukasa Taiko at Link Hall, Chicago, IL
2018 “Beyond the Box II: Yu ” w/Natsuki Kubo (Japanese Calligrapher), musicians: Julie A. Miller, Tatsu Aoki’s Reduction Ensemble Links Hall, Chicago,IL
2016/2017 Season Links Hall Curatorial Resident, presenting "Beyond the Box" Series Spring (collaborations w/dancers: Ayako Kato, Lenora Lee) (Collaborations w/sound artist/musicians: Eric Leonardson, Tatsu Aoki, the Reduction Ensemble, the Reduction Quartet, and Jason Roebke) Chicago, IL
2006~2021 Created/Produced “Revitalizing Tradition” Performance Lecture Series
2001 to Present Produced annual fall season performances for Shubukai (previously "Fujima Ryu of Chicago"). This year (2021) Shubukai will celebrate its 45th year.
1995 to Present Performance/Program Coordinator for Fujima Ryu of Chicago (now Shubukai)



2020- Present Japanese Cultural Center Workshops and Training
2006 Began Grandmaster Training (completed 2016)
Training with Shusen Fujima, Shuryu Fujima
Apprenticed to Tatsu Aoki (aka Toyoaki Sanjuro)(Shamisen)
Teaching dance classes, seminars, workshops, dressing /costuming
1993 Became Assistant Instructor for dance seminars, classes, workshops.
1989 Apprenticed to Grandmaster Fujima Shunojo (Japanese Dance)
2001 Midwestern University- MPT
1993 Northwestern University - BA